13 Feb 2014
February 13, 2014

Dr White speaks out

dr-Ted-White-DVMOn a recent Wednesday morning, Dr White was not seeing appointments, nor was he performing surgery. He was doing something equally as important-he was speaking to a rapt group of first graders at Wakefield Hills Elementary School in West Warwick. As alot of you know, maintaining the focus of a 6 year old is not easy. But the reviews are in and Dr White was a big hit. Dr White spoke about veterinary medicine in general, and then fielded questions from the audience. Dr White also brought some props from our vast collection, including a canine skull model, Fred, our fisher cat, and our collection of bladder stones and other materials pulled from the bellies of various animals. The kids learned they could walk their cats on a leash and should brush their pet's teeth after every meal. From the thank you notes he received after his appearance, Dr White succeeded in providing the students with valuable information that they brought home to their families. We know that interest in veterinary medicine starts at an early age; who knows-maybe Dr White's enthusiasm for his career rubbed off on a student or two. We would like to thank Danielle Veyera for asking us to speak at the school.

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