29 Jul 2013
July 29, 2013


photo (6)Over the past several years, we have come to realize how important it is to socialize our pets. With all of us being so busy, a dog that is used to various people and different situations fits our lifestyles and is easier to live with. On the other hand, you do not have to bring your dog everywhere you go. This weekend I was in Boston, attending an outdoor music festival. I found it hard to concentrate on the music, because I was distracted by the number of dogs being dragged around the concert. Dogs of all ages and sizes, all shapes and body conditions were at the show.The weather was hot and humid, the area crowded with children and strollers. There were no water stations for the dogs, or clean up bags available. This is not the responsibility of the concert promoters. We all need to have common sense when it comes to our pets. Remember how hot it was last week? Now, I'd like you to imagine being outside with a fur coat on. Now take off your shoes and socks, and try to walk down the sidewalk. Not alot of fun, is it? Remember that dogs overheat very quickly; they also don't cool themselves efficiently-they don't sweat. In less than 10 minutes, on an 85 degree day, a car's interior can reach over 100 degrees. Leaving the windows open a crack does little to reduce the temperature.  Dogs can die in less than 20 minutes. This summer, please leave your dog at home. Walk them in the cooler temperatures of early morning, at dusk, or even after sundown. And if your dog is aged, or has health problems, short walks are much easier for everyone involved. Be smart and your dog will be around for many more summers to come.

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