MedicineWe emphasize client education and formulating wellness programs based on the pet's lifestyle. You and the veterinarian decide what vaccines are appropriate to keep your pet healthy. Our veterinarians attend continuing education seminars throughout the year in order to stay current on the latest advances in veterinary medicine. We encourage our clients to ask questions regarding their pet's treatment, enabling us to design a course of action that is both effective and reasonable. Although recent research has shown that some vaccinations may not be necessary annually, it is imperative that your pet  be seen for a yearly exam. Remember, pets age much faster than we do. If caught early, most diseases can be managed with medications, supplements, and/or dietary modifications. Cats in particular are notorious for hiding signs of illness and owners don't realize they need veterinary attention until the cat is quite ill.  It is important to monitor your pet's energy level, eating and drinking habits. If you notice any changes, give us a call.