09 Mar 2017
March 9, 2017

Veterinary Acupuncture

The following article was written by Deanna Bowen, CVT. wink-mckennaVeterinary Acupuncture can treat a variety of diseases in our pets; arthritis, pain, nausea, poor appetite, liver and kidney disease. It is a great addition to traditional therapies for just about any disease process we see. I first began looking in to acupuncture in 2012 for my own dog who had partially torn her cruciate ligament. She was't a surgical case at that time, and her arthritis became more of an issue than her torn knee ligament.I saw tremendous improvement after the first treatment-she began jumping again the next day. This reaction is not typical, but was very exciting to see. I began researching then, and am currently in a 2 year graduate program.I am very excited with the possibilities this provides for not only myself, but GVVC's clients as well. Acupuncture works by stimulating both the central nervous system and the circulatory system. We are electrical beings, with charges constantly flowing through our nervous system, in a non stop stream of information. An acupuncture needle is small, metal, with a rounded tip that moves the skin instead of cutting it. Most animals don't even feel it as it's being inserted. The needle works to stimulate the nerves in an acupuncture point (a cluster of nerves and small blood vessels in an area of the body where the skin is naturally thin) to allow electric currents to move more smoothly and block some pain sensors. The needle point also stimulates blood vessels to bring more blood flow to the area ( or draw blood away) to promote the body's natural healing process.   Call to schedule a session or if you have further questions.

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