23 Jun 2014
June 23, 2014


Ice Cube in BowlThere is a recent rumor flying through the internet world stating that ice cubes and cold water can kill your pets.  The unidentified sources say that cold water can cause bloat, a life threatening situation for dogs. Dr. Nelson says that there is no truth to that rumor: she said " causes for bloat in dogs are multi-faceted including genetics and extreme exercise right after a meal.  Giving your dog icy cold water or ice cubes are not scientifically proven causes of bloat." "It's probably best to give your dog cool or room temperature water for hydration any day, having water available at all times on hot days. Ice can fracture teeth, but that and ice water do not cause bloat,"said Dr. Nelson. Dr Nelson made the previous comment during an interview with WJAR Channel 10. There are numerous internet rumors dealing with everything from febreeze to lemon juice as being toxic to pets. Please, if you have any question, feel free to give the clinic a call so we can provide accurate information.  

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