24 Feb 2014
February 24, 2014


Clients often believe that they can stop, or cut back on their use of tick protection during these frigid winter temperatures. But guess what? Recent research at the University of Rhode Island proves that theory to be incorrect. There are a few different  ideas as to how the ticks can stay alive. One thought is much in the same way snowboarder Shaun White submerges himself into frigid Lake Tahoe to acclimate his body to outdoor temperatures, ticks actually build a tolerance to the cold. Another theory is that ticks can actually generate a chemical in their body that prevents them from freezing. That certainly makes them sound like villains, doesn't it? The lesson to be learned is that our canine friends are never completely safe. Keep up the use of your tick products to keep your pets as safe as possible. For more info visit:http://www.tickencounter.org/tick_notes/polar_vorticks

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