14 Oct 2013
October 14, 2013


Adam-HalloweenGhosts,goblins,ghouls, and.......CANDY,GUM, CANDY,CHOCOLATE,CANDY,CANDY,CANDY!!!!!!!!!! You can't go to the grocery store, or pick up a paper, or do a quick CVS run without seeing ads for Halloween goodies. For me, I think Halloween begins the downward holiday slide of sneaking a treat here or a small piece of candy when no one is looking. At the clinic, we are always inundated right after Halloween because of pets sneaking in to trick or treat bags to steal a goody or two. So why not be proactive this year? Figure out a plan as to where holiday candy will be stored, how much the kids can have at one time, and where they can eat it. Taking a photolittle time now can save you from standing outside in your pajamas, in the freezing cold, trying to make your Lab vomit the 15 Snickers bars he just hoovered. Remember that dark chocolate is potentially more of a problem, and that sugar free gum with xylitol can cause liver damage in a small dog. Check out our emergency section on our home page for phone numbers you should always have handy. Have a safe Halloween and save a piece of candy for me.

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