19 Sep 2013
September 19, 2013

Remember Me Thursday 9/26/13

Riot and Gemini LamantiaIn a 2013 report issued by the American Humane Society, it is estimated that 30% of the pet population has been adopted from shelters. Each year more than 3 million shelter pets lose their lives before they can find a home. On September 26,2013, the  Helen Woodward Animal Center is sponsoring a global awareness campaign to bring attention to this matter. You may light a candle, either literally or virtually, to remember the lives lost. Visit the Center's website, or go to www.animalcenter.org  for more info.   The dogs pictured above are Riot and Gemini, both adopted from rescue groups. Without someone who was willing to adopt, rather than buy, they may not be here, enriching their owners lives. Celebrate the adoptees in your life, and think about if there is room for one more.

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