15 Jan 2013
January 15, 2013

Where’s My Purse?

We all know how curious cats and dogs are -we just don't realize how dangerous our pockets and purses can be. Some things to think about:
  • Inhalers: If an inhaler is punctured, depending on the type,  the contents can cause a rise in blood pressure, heart arrythmias, and an elevated heart rate.
  • Sugar free gum/mints: many products contain xylitol, which, if ingested, can cause liver damage in dogs.
  • Money: If a dog or cat swallows paper money, we know what to wait for. But did you know that if a pet eats a penny minted after 1982, stomach acid erodes the copper covering, allowing zinc to be absorbed into the bloodstream? Zinc absorption can lead to anemia, weakness, liver and kidney failure.
  • Hair ties: Cats and dogs love to play with hair ties. If ingested, they can sit in the stomach or intestinal tract, causing digestive problems, or a blockage requiring surgery. 
  • Prescription Medications: The majority of human medications are toxic to animals. Post the phone number for the ASPCA Poison Control Center in your phone and on your fridge. The number can be found on our home page in the Emergency section.
  • Pain Relievers: Aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen are all toxic to pets, with symptoms ranging from vomiting to gastric ulcers, to liver and kidney failure.
  • The list goes on and on. Some other items to worry about-chocolate, tampons, and  diaper rash ointment containing vitamins A & D.