02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Tubba,Tubba, Who’s In the Cupboard?

Obesity is a major human health problem in this country,and is very common among dogs and cats, also.We believe that love=food, reward=food, and training=food. No wonder so many of our pets waddle when they walk. Being overweight can cause a wide range of issues. In dogs, a few extra pounds can cause exercise intolerance, joint pain, and difficulty getting up and down. Obese cats often can't reach to groom themselves, leaving their coats matted.Fat cats may not fit into the litterbox they've always used or step up high enough to get into them. Fat cats are predisposed to arthritis  and diabetes. So many of our clients come in and say "But Fluffy doesn't eat much".  Bottom line-whatever Fluffy is eating is making him chubby. What can you do?
  1.          Measure,measure,measure. Fill your pet's bowl as you normally would. Empty that bowl into a standard measuring cup. Plan on feeding 10% less than what you see in the cup.
  2.          Remember that treats have calories. Limit the amount that you feed daily. You can use ice cubes,green beans, and plain rice cakes as "belly fillers" for dogs. Although cats are super-smart, break their treats into smaller pieces.
  3.           Just as with us,exercise for cats and dogs is a critical part of the weight loss plan.Start slowly-you might be surprised how much they enjoy it. Cats can be entertained with laser lights, milk caps, and string(under supervision)
  4.           Dogs are a bit easier-a simple walk around the block will do you both a world of good. Spread meals on a cookie sheet-it will take longer to ingest. NO TABLE SCRAPS!
Remember to start slowly-the key to success is determination and a plan that the whole family will follow. Weight loss should be between 1-3 pounds each month. You will be rewarded with a happier,healthier pet who will need fewer medications as they age. Research shows that for every extra pound a pet carries, it would be like an extra 5 pounds for us. Imagine how much better each of us would feel 5,10, or even 20 pounds lighter.   Feel free to stop in any time for a weight check. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.